Miniature Acceleration Reactor

Particle accelerators work is a fairly straight-forward way: push particles through magnetic fields to speed them up, usually with the intention of recording what they do under different conditions and how those particles change into other, less common, particles.

The miniature accelerator on display on floor 355 in our ‘Weapons of the Spacefaring Universe’ exhibit is the last example of the the smallest particle accelerators ever built in or out of times of war.

The specifications and yield of such a weapon is further documented by contributor Alexis Wells in his work, “Spacetime Travels and the Wonders Therein” published first in the 13th millennium HE. Given the age of this work, and the scholarship attributed to its author, the work is taken as first hand evidence and a primary source barring actual counter-evidence or other primary sources.

The unit, measuring just .8 centimetres cubed, was one of sixty-four units that lined up in paired series to fire superluminal particles as Creation-level1 energy at a target.

To summarize Wells’ own account, the fully primed and powered weapon could emit a power equal to, and even surpassing on certain settings, a supernova. Unlike a supernova, the weapon does not emit gravitational waves nor does it cause significant effects on spacetime more than three lightyears outside the firing beam.

This unit, as of the Museum’s acquisition, had been inert and nonfunctional for an estimated twenty thousand years following the destruction of the as of yet unnamed weapon utilizing it. Wells’ account names the weapon after the storyteller in the ancient ‘One Thousand and One Nights,” Scheherazade. However, this name has never been corroborated as per the above proviso on Wells’ work. Other authors, all writing after the discovery of the unit, have named the unit everything from Prometheus to Al-Zahir and even attributed extrasolar monikers from the Marstarian Empire and the Zanuis Confederacy, though these haven’t been widely adopted by Solaian humans.

  1. Creation-level energy refers to energy sources on the scale of that noted as being at the beginning of the universe.

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